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Projector Lamp Recycling

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Care should be taken when installing and removing a lamp from a projector since the lamp may contain hazardous chemicals such as mercury, housed in the glass of the lamp (Burner).

The best way to prevent the release of mercury from projector lamps is to recycle your old lamps and not dispose of them in the waste or recycling bin. We at Newport Technology feel a strong responsibility to our environment and to ensure all used projector lamps are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, so we have developed a Lamp Recycling Service exclusively for our customers.

This enables Newport Technology Inc.customers to send us their old lamps in their original boxes and we will then dispose of them free of charge according to environmental standards.

Our Projector Lamp Recycling Service has proved popular with our customers due to increasing concerns over the disposal of potentially hazardous materials. If you would like to return your used lamps, please email to receive instructions on how to prepare and send your old lamp back. Please note that you are responsible for all shipping charges.